Wood Warbler

Phylloscopus sibilatrix

Armenian Name: Ճռռան գեղգեղիկ
Wood Warbler

See Plate 49 for Wood Warbler and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Rare
Length:12 cm, Wing Span:19.5-24 cm
Distribution Map: Map 278.
Description: Brightly colored warbler with pale legs, fine bill, and long primary extension. Yellow-green above; long yellow supercilium and dark eyestripe. Yellow throat and breast contrast sharply with bright white belly.
Similar Species: Icterine Warbler, Greenish Warbler, and Willow Warbler.
Behavior: Often feeds and sings high in canopy.
Habitat: Forest, tree plantations.
Food: Invertebrates.