Olivaceous Warbler

Hippolais pallida

(H. p. tamariceti)

Armenian Name: Դալուկ մորեհավ
Olivaceous Warbler

See Plate 49 for Olivaceous Warbler and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:12-13.5 cm, Wing Span:18-20 cm
Distribution Map: Map 272.
Description: Broad-based bill, flat forehead, and medium primary extension. Dull gray or brown above; off-white below. Faint supercilium and white eyering.
Similar Species: Upcher's Warbler and (fall) Eurasian Reed-warbler and Icterine Warbler.
Behavior: Often dips tail while feeding.
Habitat: Scrubby semidesert, dry mountain steppe, river valleys.
Food: Invertebrates.
Nest: Cup of dry grass in small tree or shrub.
Eggs: 17 mm, 2-5, gray-white, black spots.