Menetries's Warbler

Sylvia mystacea

(S. m. mystacea)

Armenian Name: Սպիտակաբեղ շահրիկ
Menetries's Warbler

See Plate 50 for Menetries's Warbler and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:13.5 cm, Wing Span:15-19 cm
Distribution Map: Map 286.
Description: Small restless warbler with long dark tail and pale legs. Male: gray upperparts and pale pink underparts. Head shows black crown and face, reddish eye with paler red eyering, and white stripe below ear coverts. Female is yellow-brown tinted with gray above, paler below and has a white eyering.
Similar Species: Greater Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Garden Warbler.
Behavior: Constantly waves tail. Alarm call is a churring rattle.
Habitat: Semidesert, arid mountain steppe.
Food: Invertebrates, fruit, seeds.
Nest: Cup of dry grasses, sage, rootlets, horsehair in shrub.
Eggs: 17 mm, 4-5, white to pale olive, brown spots.