Spotted Flycatcher

Muscicapa striata

(M. s. neumanni, M. s. striata)

Armenian Name: Մոխրագույն ճանճորս
Spotted Flycatcher

See Plate 51 for Spotted Flycatcher and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14.5 cm, Wing Span:23-25.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 289.
Adult: Gray-brown above, off-white below, and dark streaks on forehead and breast.
Juvenile: Pale-spotted upper body and pale edges to upperwing feathers.
Behavior: Sits very upright on a prominent perch at the edge of a tree or on fence, and makes short agile flights out to catch insects; a clearly audible click is often heard when the bird snaps at prey.
Habitat: Forest edge, orchards, parks, scrubby mountain steppe meadows.
Food: Insects.
Nest: Cup of thin stems hidden in vines, in fork of tree, or hole in tree or wall.
Eggs: 19 mm, 4-6, pale blue, red-brown blotches.