Long-tailed Tit

Aegithalos caudatus

(A. c. major)

Armenian Name: Երկարագի երաշտահավ
Long-tailed Tit

See Plate 52 for Long-tailed Tit and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:16-19 cm
Distribution Map: Map 294.
Description: Tiny with very long tail, short wings, and round ball-like body.
Adult: Black-and-white striped crown, gray back, and pinkish rear under body.
Juvenile: Darker with brown back and sides of head; shorter tail.
Behavior: Gregarious. Forages in middle tree layers, often in mixed flocks of small woodland birds.
Habitat: Forests, orchards, juniper scrub, plantations; river gorges and semidesert scrub in winter.
Food: Insects.
Nest: Oval, feather-lined ball covered with lichens, bound by spiders' webs; in bush or upright fork of tree.
Eggs: 14 mm, 8-12, white.