Eastern Rock-nuthatch

Sitta tephronota

(S. t. obscura)

Armenian Name: Ժայռային մեծ սիտեղ
Eastern Rock-nuthatch

See Plate 53 for Eastern Rock-nuthatch and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:15.5 cm, Wing Span:25-30 cm
Distribution Map: Map 303.
Description: Pale blue-gray upperparts and tail. Long black eyestripe broadens behind eye. Long thick black bill. Pale below grading from white chin and breast to pale orange flanks and undertail coverts.
Similar Species: Differs from Western Rock-nuthatch by large size, especially head and bill, black eyestripe which broadens behind eye, and orange tint to flanks.
Behavior: Noisy. Hops around on rocks and low bushes. Calls and sings from top of prominent rock or bush.
Habitat: Arid rocky mountain slopes, river gorges, semidesert.
Food: Insects, spiders, snails.
Nest: Cavity lined with clay in crack in cliff face or under ledge similar to Western Rock-nuthatch but with longer entrance tunnel and wider hole; few insect remains are used.
Eggs: 24 mm, 5-7, white, red-brown blotches.