Western Rock-nuthatch

Sitta neumayer

(S. n. rupicola)

Armenian Name: Ժայռային փոքր սիտեղ
Western Rock-nuthatch

See Plate 53 for Western Rock-nuthatch and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:13.5-14.5 cm, Wing Span:23-25 cm
Distribution Map: Map 302.
Description: Blue-gray upperparts and tail; white underparts with pale orange undertail coverts. Long even-width black eyestripe and pale-based black bill.
Similar Species: Differs from Eastern Rock-Nuthatch by smaller size, shorter thinner bill, whitish flanks, and black eyestripe which does not broaden behind the eye.
Behavior: Noisy with piping song. Hops with short jerky leaps among rocks and scrub. Often flicks wings and tail.
Habitat: Arid sloping rock outcrops, cliffs, gorges; trees in winter.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds, fruits.
Nest: Rounded structure of mud and beetle remnants with entrance extension; on cliff face or rock crevice.
Eggs: 21 mm, 5-10, white, red-brown blotches.