Black-headed Bunting

Emberiza melanocephala

Armenian Name: Սևագլուխ դրախտապան
Black-headed Bunting

See Plate 54 for Black-headed Bunting and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:16-17 cm, Wing Span:26-30 cm
Distribution Map: Map 311.
Description: Dark outertail feathers.
Adult: Males have black head, brown-red upperparts, blackish wings, and yellow underparts. Female is brown-gray above and variably pale yellow below.
Juvenile: Paler and streaked with pale yellow undertail coverts.
Similar Species: Juveniles and females differ from all other buntings by yellow undertail coverts.
Behavior: Males sing repeatedly from prominent perch.
Habitat: Open scrub from semidesert to subalpine meadows.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds.
Nest: Loose cup of grass on the ground, in low shrub, or rarely in tree.
Eggs: 22 mm, 3-5, pale blue, dark spots.