Emberiza citrinella

(E. c. erythrogenys)

Armenian Name: Սովորական դրախտապան

See Plate 54 for Yellowhammer and other similar species

Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Common
Length:16-16.5 cm, Wing Span:23-29.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 307.
Description: Male has a dark-striped yellow head, brown-red rump, and yellowish underparts with brown-red on breast and flanks. Female is much duller, with more streaking above and below.
Similar Species: Differs from other buntings by combination of yellow tones to head and underparts and brown-red rump.
Behavior: Often forms mixed flocks with finches.
Habitat: Widespread in dry open landscapes with some shrubs.
Food: Seeds, invertebrates.