Carduelis flavirostris

(C. f. brevirostris)

Armenian Name: Լեռնային վշասարեկ

See Plate 56 for Twite and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:22-24 cm
Distribution Map: Map 320.
Description: Dark-streaked with white feather edges on wing and base of tail; short conical yellowish bill. In flight shows a bold white wing patch from below.
Adult (Breeding): Appears pale with contrasting blackish wings and tail. Dark streaks on back and sides of breast. Broad pink rump is brighter in male.
Adult (Non-breeding): Browner and more heavily streaked.
Juvenile: Darker than non-breeder with streaked brown rump.
Similar Species: Differs from Eurasian Linnet by yellowish bill.
Behavior: Gregarious, feeding in small flocks on rocky mountain slopes. Males form large "dusk choruses" in breeding season. Often comes to water to bathe.
Habitat: Mountain steppe in summer; orchards and crop fields in winter.
Food: Seeds, small invertebrates.
Nest: Small cup of grass, feathers, and wool under tussock or stone, or in fork of small tree.
Eggs: 18 mm, 4-6, bluish-green, black-brown spots.