Mongolian Finch

Rhodopechys mongolica

Armenian Name: Մոնղոլական խածկտիկ
Mongolian Finch

See Plate 56 for Mongolian Finch and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Length:13 cm, Wing Span:25.5-27.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 324.
Description: Expected to occur as a breeding bird. Brownish bird with a thick yellowish bill.
Adult: Pink and white patches on wing coverts and flight feathers and base of tail. Male has pink on head, neck, flanks, and rump. Female is duller and usually lacks pink on neck, flanks, and rump.
Juvenile: Browner and drabber than female with pinkish-brown edges to primaries, a whitish patch on secondaries and a grayish-yellow bill.
Similar Species: Differs from Trumpeter Finch by white wing patches.
Habitat: Arid rocky mountain slopes with sparse vegetation.
Food: Seeds, insects.