Trumpeter Finch

Rhodopechys githaginea

(R. g. crassirostris)

Armenian Name: Անապատային խածկտիկ
Species Status: Endangered Species - Species of Special Concern
Trumpeter Finch

See Plate 56 for Trumpeter Finch and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:12.5 cm, Wing Span:25-28 cm
Distribution Map: Map 323.
Adult: Whitish eyering. Male has thick pink bill, gray head, and pink tones to face, rump, underparts, edges on upperwing and tail feathers. Female is grayish with weak pink tones to head, rump, and edges on primaries and base of tail. Yellowish bill.
Juvenile: Drab, lacking any pink; pale brown eyering, yellowish bill, and lightly-streaked crown and underparts.
Similar Species: Differs from Mongolian Finch by thicker bill which is pink in males.
Behavior: Well adapted to arid landscapes but requires nearby source of drinking water which birds visit daily in pairs or family groups in the morning and evening hours.
Habitat: Steep arid mountain slopes with sparse vegetation.
Food: Seeds, fruits, some invertebrates.
Nest: Cup of grass and stems in rock crevice or on ground.
Eggs: 18 mm, 4-6, pale blue, red-brown spots.