Eurasian Bullfinch

Pyrrhula pyrrhula

(P. p. rossikowi)

Armenian Name: Սովորական խածկտիկ
Eurasian Bullfinch

See Plate 57 for Eurasian Bullfinch and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14.5-16.5 cm, Wing Span:22-29 cm
Distribution Map: Map 327.
Description: Stout finch with thick dark bill and white rump and undertail coverts.
Adult: Black crown, chin, wings and tail, and a pale gray lower wingbar. Male has deep pink underparts and lower face, gray back. Female has brown-gray back and dull orange-brown underparts.
Juvenile: Similar to female but with uniform yellowish-brown head and wingbars.
Behavior: Usually keeps hidden in dense understory vegetation. Occurs in pairs or small flocks.
Habitat: Deciduous and mixed forest, wooded river valleys.
Food: Seeds, plant buds, some invertebrates.
Nest: Cup of thin twigs in dense shrub or tree.
Eggs: 21 mm, 4-5, pale blue, brownish spots and lines.