Rock Sparrow

Petronia petronia

(P. p. exigua)

Armenian Name: Ժայռային ճնճղուկ
Rock Sparrow

See Plate 58 for Rock Sparrow and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:28-32 cm
Distribution Map: Map 333.
Description: Pale supercilium and central crown and blackish lateral crown stripe. Yellow-brown above with black streaks and pale feather edges; faint streaks below and dark crescents on undertail coverts. Short tail has pale spots on tip. Males have small yellow patch at base of throat, visible only during courtship display.
Similar Species: Differs from other small brown birds by dark blotches on undertail coverts and striped crown.
Behavior: Gregarious; outside breeding season forms flocks which feed in crop fields.
Habitat: Rocky mountain slopes, abandoned villages.
Food: Seeds, small invertebrates.
Nest: Loose ball of grass; in cavity in cliff, tree, or building.
Eggs: 21.5 mm, 4-7, white, brown spots.