Isabelline Shrike

Lanius isabellinus

(L. i. phoenicuroides)

Armenian Name: Շիկապոչ շամփրուկ
Isabelline Shrike

See Plate 42 for Isabelline Shrike and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:17.5 cm, Wing Span:25-28 cm
Distribution Map: Map 225.
Description: Thick hooked bill, short wings, and long tail. Pale grayish yellow-brown above with blackish mask, whitish patch at base of primaries, rounded brown-red tail, pale brown-orange breast and belly.
Similar Species: Differs from all ages of Red-backed Shrike by longer reddish tail, grayer upperparts and often, pale patch at base of primaries.
Behavior: Perches on tops of trees, shrubs, power poles.
Habitat: Grassland with scrub.
Food: Invertebrates, small vertebrates.