Cattle Egret

Bubulcus ibis

(B. i. ibis)

Armenian Name: Եգիպտական տառեղ
Species Status: Undetermined Species - Species of Special Concern
Cattle Egret

See Plate 4 for Cattle Egret and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:48-53 cm, Wing Span:90-96 cm
Distribution Map: Map 15.
Adult (Breeding): All white with orange on crown, breast, and back; yellow to orange legs and feet.
Adult (Non-breeding): Orange patches reduced or absent; thick yellowish bill often with dark tip.
Juvenile: Lacks orange patches; legs and feet dark.
Similar Species: Differs from Little Egret by thicker orange bill, shorter neck, and orange legs.
Behavior: Sociable; often forages away from water, typically in pastures among livestock and along roadways.
Habitat: Wetlands with short vegetation; dry fields.
Food: Primarily insects, rarely amphibians.
Nest: Platform in tree or reedbeds.
Eggs: 45 mm, 4-5, white.