Montagu's Harrier

Circus pygargus

Armenian Name: Մարգագետնային մկնաճուռակ
Species Status: Undetermined Species - Species of Special Concern
Montagu's Harrier

See Plate 10 for Montagu's Harrier and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:43-47 cm, Wing Span:105-120 cm
Distribution Map: Map 38.
Adult: Male is pale gray above with one black bar on secondaries, and black wingtips; below has red-brown streaking on flanks and underwing coverts, two black wing bars, and prominent black wingtips. Female is gray-brown above with broad white facial markings around eye; off-white streaked with brown below. In flight, underwing shows dark tips to inner primaries, evenly barred primaries; broad white subterminal band on secondaries. Upperwing shows pale band on secondaries.
Juvenile: Unstreaked dark brown-orange underparts and orange-brown feather edges on upperparts. White crescents above and below eye.
Similar Species: Female and juvenile very similar to Pallid and Northern Harriers but note differences in facial marks and wing pattern.
Behavior: Hunts with slow gliding flight and wings held in slight V.
Habitat: Moist mountain steppe, subalpine meadows, agricultural fields, semidesert near wetlands.
Food: Small mammals, birds, reptiles, insects.
Nest: Flattened mound of grass, reeds, and twigs on ground in dense low vegetation.
Eggs: 42 mm, 4-5, bluish-white.