Lanner Falcon

Falco biarmicus

(F. b. feldeggii)

Armenian Name: Միջերկրածովյան բազե
Species Status: Endangered Species - Species of Special Concern
Lanner Falcon

See Plate 12 for Lanner Falcon and other similar species See Plate 15 for Lanner Falcon and other similar species in flight

Flight Characteristics: Large with bluntly-pointed dark wingtips and variably spotted and barred underwing coverts contrasting with paler bases of flight feathers. Barred flanks and tail. Upperparts bluish-brown with narrow mustache and pale red nape. Soars and glides on flat or slightly lowered wings. Fast level flight with shallow wingbeats.
Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:34-50 cm, Wing Span:90-115 cm
Distribution Map: Map 58.
Description: Falcon with narrow mustache and pale cheek; in flight, dark underwing coverts contrast with paler primaries.
Adult: Male is blue-brown above, light red on streaked crown and nape; dull white with dark barring below. Female shows paler red on crown and nape, and darker barring below.
Juvenile: Darker brown overall than female.
Similar Species: Peregrine Falcon, Saker Falcon.
Behavior: Captures prey in level aerial chase or by stooping from above.
Habitat: Mountain steppe, semidesert, cliffs.
Food: Birds, other small vertebrates, insects.
Nest: Scrape on cliff ledge, or nest of other raptor on cliff or in tree.
Eggs: 50 mm, 3-4, white, red-brown spots.