Red-footed Falcon

Falco vespertinus

Armenian Name: Կարմրաոտ բազե
Species Status: Endangered Species - Species of Special Concern
Red-footed Falcon

See Plate 12 for Red-footed Falcon and other similar species See Plate 15 for Red-footed Falcon and other similar species in flight

Flight Characteristics: Male is dark gray below with red legs and undertail coverts. Female has orange body and underwing coverts, black mask, and banded tail. Juvenile has brownish streaks and bars, short mustache, pale forehead. Hovers frequently. Often scans for prey from post or wire.
Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length: 29-31 cm, Wing Span:66-78 cm
Distribution Map: Map 55.
Adult: Male is gray overall with paler gray primaries, and red from legs to undertail coverts. Female has orange crown and under body, black mask and mustache, and barred blue-gray back; faintly streaked below.
Juvenile: Dark blue-gray above with broad red-brown feather edges, especially on crown, pale forehead, and light brown underparts streaked with red-brown. Dark facial marks like female.
Similar Species: Juvenile differs from Eurasian Hobby by having broad red-brown edges on crown, a pale forehead, and red-brown streaks on underparts.
Behavior: Hunts from wires or by hovering and pouncing on prey; often takes insects in the air. Usually breeds and hunts in small groups.
Habitat: Open country.
Food: Invertebrates, other small animals.
Nest: Old nest of crow, tree cavity, or burrow.
Eggs: 37 mm, 3-6, yellow-white, brown blotches.