Mute Swan

Cygnus olor

Armenian Name: Թշշան կարապ
Mute Swan

See Plate 16 for Mute Swan and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:145-160 cm, Wing Span:208-238 cm
Distribution Map: Map 61.
Description: Long neck is curved when held upward; long pointed tail.
Adult: Entirely white except for orange-and-black bill, black legs and feet. Male has larger bill knob than female.
Juvenile: Blotchy gray-brown overall with pinkish black-based bill lacking black knob.
Similar Species: Juveniles differ from juvenile Whooper and Tundra Swans by darker plumage overall and black at base of bill.
Behavior: Graceful on water and in flight. Occasionally gives quiet grunts or hisses but no bugling call. Wings create beating or whistling sound in flight. Swims with wings arched over back during aggressive or courtship displays.
Habitat: Various water areas; occasionally forages in fields.
Food: Vegetation, primarily aquatic.