Whooper Swan

Cygnus cygnus

Armenian Name: Ճչան կարապ
Species Status: Undetermined Species - Species of Special Concern
Whooper Swan

See Plate 16 for Whooper Swan and other similar species

Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:145-160 cm, Wing Span:218-243 cm
Distribution Map: Map 62.
Description: Long, slender neck is held straight upward.
Adult: Entirely white. Black legs and long bill with extensive yellow at base.
Juvenile: Gray-brown above, dull white below. Bill has white and pink base; legs are gray.
Similar Species: Differs from Mute Swan by straight neck, and large pale base to bill. Differs from Tundra Swan (see Plate 61) by more yellow at base of bill.
Behavior: Flies with neck and legs extended; wings are silent in flight.
Habitat: Various water areas; occasionally forages in fields.
Food: Primarily aquatic vegetation and invertebrates.