Greylag Goose

Anser anser

(A. a. anser, A. a. rubrirostris)

Armenian Name: Մոխրագույն սագ
Species Status: Undetermined Species - Species of Special Concern
Greylag Goose

See Plate 16 for Greylag Goose and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length: 75-90 cm, Wing Span:147-180 cm
Distribution Map: Map 66.
Adult: Brown-gray with pink legs and large head and bill. In flight, upper forewing and rump pale gray. A. a. anser has orange bill; A. a. rubrirostris is paler overall with pink bill.
Juvenile: Appears mottled, lacking sharp pale lines on back and flanks.
Similar Species: Differs from both adult White-fronted Geese by paler head and lack of white on face.
Behavior: Highly vocal; three-note call is heard in flight.
Habitat: Water areas with reeds and cattails; forages in fields.
Food: Aquatic and field vegetation, invertebrates, grains.
Nest: Mound of reed stems and other aquatic vegetation, in dense reedbeds at pond edges.
Eggs: 86 mm, 4-6, white.