Eurasian Wigeon

Anas penelope

Armenian Name: Շչան բադ
Eurasian Wigeon

See Plate 17 for Eurasian Wigeon and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant, Winter Visitor
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:45-51 cm, Wing Span:75-86 cm
Distribution Map: Map 70.
Description: Male: reddish-brown head and neck, pale yellow forehead and crown, gray back and flanks, and black undertail coverts. In flight, the large white forewing patch is noticeable. Female is dull pinkish-brown (occasionally gray) overall with a blackish speculum and little white on wing. Both sexes have a small gray bill with black tip.
Similar Species: Female differs from female Gadwall by rounded head, short neck, small bill, and pointed tail
Behavior: Swims low in water; seldom submerses head.
Habitat: Lakes, ponds.
Food: Aquatic plants, invertebrates.