Photos from Armenia

Armenia: Land, Culture, Scenery, Wildlife (2 of 2)

Kober Ruin

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  • Kober Ruin

  • Did you know?

  • Kids at Kober Ruin

  • Byurakan Observatory

  • Home of summer herder on Mount Aragats

  • Toddler on the road leading to Mt Aragats (the highest point in Armenia at 4090 meters).

  • Flowering plant on Mt Aragats

  • Ants carrying wheat

  • Horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) at St. Stephanos Church Ruin.

  • The new generation observing vultures on the cliffs at Desgh.

  • Baking Bread in Hagartsin

  • The fellow in black, with another friend not shown, rode from Germany to Armenia on motorcycles.

  • Ancient tree in Hagartsin

  • Working in Hagartsin

  • Bee-eater at Lake Sevan

  • Hoopoe at Lake Sevan

  • Roadside near Lake Sevan

  • Logged beech trees near Haghpat

  • Logged beech trees near Haghpat

  • Sanahin Monastery flower border

  • Alaverdi Pollution

  • Alaverdi Pollution as seen from Haghpat

  • Near Sochoot Arboretum

  • Near Karakhach Pass

  • Stork at Lake Arpi

  • Stork Nest