Key to Species of Special Concern

One hundred and five species of birds are of special concern because current evidence suggests they need protection within the borders of the Republic of Armenia. Each of these species is classified in one of four categories based on an interpretation of risks to their numbers, or because they formerly occurred and may occur again in the country. Colored text codes for each category and appear next to the names of species in the illustrations.

  Endangered Species is one in imminent danger of extinction or extirpation if deletirious factors affecting it continue.

Threatened Species is one that may become endangered in the foreseeable future unless the cause or causes affecting it are identified and eliminated or mitigated.

Undetermined Species is one having the potential to be classified endangered or threatened, but there is insufficient information to assign it to either of these two categories.

Extirpated Species is one that has a documented history of occurrence in Armenia but is no longer present in the country.