Baillon's Crake

Porzana pusilla

(P. p. pusilla, P. p. intermedia (subspecies uncertain))

Armenian Name: Գաճաճ ճահճահովվիկ
Baillon's Crake

See Plate 22 for Baillon's Crake and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:17-19 cm, Wing Span:33-37 cm
Distribution Map: Map 101.
Adult: Red-brown upperparts densely spotted with white; gray-blue below with black-and-white barred flanks and undertail coverts. Green bill, red iris; legs vary from olive-green to dull pink.
Juvenile: Pale brown face, mottled gray-brown underparts, brownish iris, and usually pinkish legs.
Similar Species: Little Crake, Spotted Crake.
Behavior: Skulking, rarely seen away from reedbeds.
Habitat: Densely vegetated ponds and rivers.
Food: Aquatic insects, plants.