Black Kite

Milvus migrans

(M. m. migrans)

Armenian Name: Սև ցին
Black Kite

See Plate 6 for Black Kite and other similar species See Plate 13 for Black Kite and other similar species in flight

Flight Characteristics: From below shows dark under body, almost uniformly broad wings with pale gray patch at base of primaries, and notched tail. From above shows pale upperwing bar and brownish tail. Juvenile is paler with grayer body. Flight appears agile with frequent changes in wing and tail position. Flies with head held lower than body giving slightly hunched appearance, and with wings held flat or slightly arched.
Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:55-60 cm, Wing Span:160-180 cm
Distribution Map: Map 29.
Description: Long, fairly slender wings and notched tail.
Adult: Dark brown with pale head and paler secondary coverts on upperwing.
Juvenile: Streaked underparts with paler head and underwing patches.
Similar Species: Differs from Red Kite by darker, more uniform plumage and less-forked tail. Differs from Booted Eagle by narrower wings and slightly-forked tail. Differs from Western Marsh Harrier by upperwing bar, dark leading edge of wing, and slightly-forked tail.
Behavior: Agile flight with tail frequently twisting and turning. Soars with wings held horizontal.
Habitat: Deciduous forest, meadows, river valleys; often near refuse piles.
Food: Insects, small animals, carrion.
Nest: Platform of twigs, often with rubbish and green foliage in deciduous tree.
Eggs: 54 mm, 2-3, dull white, red-brown spots.