Pygmy Cormorant

Phalacrocorax pygmaeus

Armenian Name: Փոքր ձկնկուլ
Species Status: Endangered Species - Species of Special Concern
Pygmy Cormorant

See Plate 2 for Pygmy Cormorant and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:45-55 cm, Wing Span:80-90 cm
Distribution Map: Map 9.
Adult (Breeding): Head and neck dark brown to nearly black. Scattered white feathers over head, neck, back, and uppertail coverts.
Adult (Non-breeding): Head, neck, and breast dark brown. Variable amount of white on throat and around eyes.
Juvenile: Brownish-gray separating pale chin and belly.
Behavior: Usually found near shore perched upright on reeds or dead trees.
Habitat: Lakes, marshes, rivers, and fish ponds with emergent vegetation.
Food: Fish.
Nest: Colonial; mound of reeds in emergent vegetation.
Eggs: 47 mm, 4-6, white with blue tint.