Grey Heron

Ardea cinerea

(A. c. cinerea)

Armenian Name: Մոխրագույն տառեղ
Grey Heron

See Plate 3 for Grey Heron and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:90-98 cm, Wing Span:175-195 cm
Distribution Map: Map 12.
Adult: Gray above, dull white head, neck, and underparts. Black stripes on head and foreneck. Long plumes from head, breast, and back. Long straight bill. In flight, neck held in S-shape against back; shows bold white spots on leading edge of wing. Black flight feathers contrast with gray forewing.
Juvenile: Darker gray above, duller below. Lacks head plumes; crown is darker.
Similar Species: Differs from Purple Heron by thicker neck and paler plumage overall.
Behavior: Flies with slow heavy wingbeats; glides on broad bowed wings. Hunts mostly near or in water by lunging at prey while slowly walking or waiting motionless.
Habitat: Fish ponds, lakes, marshes, river banks, occasionally dry meadows and fields.
Food: Fish, other small vertebrates, insects.
Nest: Platform of reeds in reedbed.
Eggs: 61 mm, 4-5, pale blue.