Rose-coloured Starling

Sturnus roseus

Armenian Name: Վարդագույն սայրակ
Rose-coloured Starling

See Plate 58 for Rose-coloured Starling and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:21.5 cm, Wing Span:37-40 cm
Distribution Map: Map 335.
Adult: Pink body, purple and green gloss on black head, wings, and tail. Mostly pink bill.
Adult (Breeding): Male has a longer crest and less black on bill than female.
Juvenile: Pale brown-gray with pale lores, orangish legs, and yellow bill.
Similar Species: Juvenile differs from juvenile Common Starling by paler overall color, yellow bill, and pale lores.
Behavior: Gregarious; nests and feeds in large flocks.
Habitat: Mountain slopes near orchards.
Food: Invertebrates, fruit.
Nest: Loose cup of thin stems in hole between rocks.
Eggs: 27 mm, 3-6, pale blue.