Arctic Loon

Gavia arctica

(G. a. arctica)

Armenian Name: Սևախածի սուզահավ
Arctic Loon

See Plate 1 for Arctic Loon and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:58-73 cm, Wing Span:110-130 cm
Distribution Map: Map 2.
Description: Straight bill.
Adult (Breeding): Black throat patch, bold white checkered back.
Adult (Non-breeding): Pale foreneck contrasting with dark hindneck, prominent white flank patch, and dark unmarked back.
Similar Species: Differs from Red-throated Loon by straight bill and white flank patch; in non-breeding plumage by sharp contrast between white foreneck and dark hindneck.
Behavior: Requires running start before taking flight.
Habitat: Lakes, reservoirs, large rivers.
Food: Fish.